GP Companion animal vet within an independent practice

Applications invited for full/part time assistant role

  • Have you been in practice for at least 6-12 months in the UK?
  • Can you undertake the basics such as neutering and dentals and working up medical cases confidently?
  • Do you like the idea of being part of a community, being valued by your clients and your colleagues and think that providing your own out of hours care is important?
  • Would you like to be part of a fun team that supports you and helps you grown and learn?
  • Do you want to be able to develop relationships with your clients and having the time to communicate with them?
  • Can you learn from your setbacks, identify the areas you need to improve and work towards improving them?
  • Can you eat a lot of cake and chocolate?


If this sounds like what you would like in your new job, then please keep reading:

A bit about the practice:

We started Melton Vets in 2014 after Charlotte left a local practice. After much soul searching and locuming and having clients in the town ask where we were working now we decided to take the plunge and start our own gaff! We were lucky to find a building we could convert to our needs. We were lucky to have a good reputation in the area and we registered hundreds of clients on our open day.

After that we worked hard for those clients, the practice expanded, and the client base and our reputation grew. We need you to understand that these clients are the reason we are here and work hard for them. If you’re the type to moan and groan about clients in the tea room then this job isn’t for you, most of these guys are our friends. We appreciate they have trusted us and supported us as we grew. That mutual trust and respect is the reason our client base is so lovely, and consulting is fun.

But it’s hard earned and easily lost so we try our hardest every day to maintain it. But equally we don’t tolerate rude clients if their attitude is unjustified.  We are proudly independent. It is important to us that we enjoy our daily work and gain fulfilment from it, and that we as a team, have time for our clients to do the best job we can for their pets.

We strive to ensure our clients and their pets are happy with the service they receive so they come back to us again and again.

When a dog comes into our clinic for a visit, we work hard to provide a positive experience in the consulting room. We have plenty of dogs that rush in and sit beside the gravy bone tub!

We take time with puppy and kitten consults and try to provide owners with as much useful information as they need. Making a fuss of the puppy and ensuring early visits to the vets are enjoyed.

This is just an example, but we want to demonstrate that we don’t cut corners or penny pinch; we make sure our clients get what they need in a relaxed, friendly and supportive manner.

We have a lovely team and a lovely atmosphere to work in, this is through the whole team and is something we feel passionately about. None of us are ego maniacs, we encourage discussion between vets and nurses about our cases, we are all team mates working towards the goal of fixing the patient.

We love doing this and you must too. Discussion promotes thinking and making sure we are doing all we can and doing it right. And we also have fun, a lot of fun, during the day. These guys will get you through the hard or busy days, we want you to trust them and bond with them.

We don’t expect you to work as hard as we do (it’s our baby after all) but we do expect you to work as part as a team and clean up and make tea like the rest of us do if we’re needed to. No one is more important than the team.

We have great team building time, such as a staff summer BBQ, a wicked Christmas party and other opportunities as they arise, which we fund. We want you to feel appreciated.

We do our own on call, if this isn’t for you then please don’t apply. We feel it is important to be there for our clients when they need us, and the time that is often most important isn’t always in office hours. Our clients are very understanding that we need a life and a break so the out of hours isn’t by any means onerous.

You will always have an RVN on call with you and you will always have one of the partners at the end of the phone or in with you if you need us.

We would like you to be able, in time, to cope on your own (we would like a holiday!!) but we understand you may need some support. But remember that this is often the time you do save a life and/or make a huge impact on your patients (and clients) wellbeing. Its important to us, and we want someone who feels it is important too.

We are ultimately looking for someone who shares our values and enjoys being a vet.

A Bit about the role:

We have expanded rapidly over 5 years. We need another vet or 2 to help us make the rota more pleasant for us (the partners have always done most of the on call).

We are aware of increase in clients and cases and have closed our books to be able to continue giving the standard of care that we want to, but more vets would mean we could re-open them for a period of time at least and we could stop getting collared in the supermarket about when that might happen!!

  • We would ideally like a full-time vet to do 4 days a week. (8.30am until 6pm or 7pm on Thursdays) but we will consider part time applications.
  • You will have an ops day and consult days. You will be encouraged to try to grow your own caseload and work them up accordingly. People like continuity, we will encourage you to see your cases through from start to finish… that way you get the thank you present!
  • You will be expected to take part in the out of hours rota, doing one night a week on call and one weekend a month. We will be there to support you but eventually we would like you to be able to be sole charge, so you need to bear that in mind and please don’t apply if you feel it’s something you can’t do eventually.
  • During the week you will be working with other vets and a great nursing team.
  • We want you to be keen to learn and involve yourself in developing our practice and practice standards to the best they can be.

In return for being a valued member of a great team we offer:

  • A competitive salary depending on experience
  • CPD budget
  • Health insurance or gym membership
  • Discounted pet care package

Apply by e-mailing us at and please send your updated CV.

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